Specializing in decommissioning, reverse logistics, networking, data center, unified communications, and business solutions

Engineering, installation, removal and disposal of equipment including:

  • IT, Transport, Switching, Wireless
  • UPS/DC Power plants and systems
  • Material handling and Logistics

Our organization is well versed in all facets of electronic/power/industrial equipment installation and removal, including but not limited to Central Office, Data Centers, MTSO, Cell Site, Hubs, Regeneration Sites, Colocation, Sub-stations and Manufacturing facilities.  Additionally, we are equipped to provide warehousing and transportation services to those customers who require it.

Progressive’s  service offerings are available ala carte or turnkey.  Should you simply need to add some equipment into a site or require decommissioning and removal of an entire facility, we can assist you.

Our copper, lead and e-scrap recycling services cut out the middle men and allow you to get mazimum value for your surplus or outdated materials.  In addition, our engineers can help you find value in abandoned or retired-in-place equipment that could help you fund this and other  equipment removals.

We provide services in:

New York, NYC, New Jersey, NJ, West Virginia, Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Florida

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